att0044410 Ways They Enrich Our Lives

1. Cats Purr: What is better than a sleepy kitty purring in your lap after a long, stressful day…and there is no hangover.

Cats Wash Themselves: Unless they get REALLY dirty or develop a problem with parasites, cats keep themselves clean.

3. Cats Are Affectionate: Cats let you know that they love you. These methods are usually subtle. A gentle head rub, watching for you from the front window, or curling up in your lap. A bi-product of this benefit is that although they love us, they don’t necessarily love everyone else (there is something to be said for exclusively).

4. Cats Are Quiet: Although some cats are talkers (Siamese in particular), cats rarely make enough noise to disturb the neighbors or wake the baby.

5. Cats Are Clean: They come with built-in potty training. Most cats, when introduced to a clean, odor-free litter box, just use it.

6. Cats Are Small: You can share the bed with one (or two or three or…) without waking up trapped in one small corner of the bed. If you have more than one cat, you may wake up pinned to the bed 😉

7. Cats Can Entertain Themselves: Although they LOVE when you play with them, cats can always find something to do. It may be stalking your ankles at night or playing with the edges of your new sweater, but they don’t necessarily require your involvement.

8. Cats Are Mood Elevators: Is there anything funnier or cuter than a kitten (or adult cat) at play – or not at play?

9. Cats Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack: If you don’t believe me, check out this study.

10. Cats Are Loving, Beautiful, Graceful Creatures That Enrich Our Lives:
In a nutshell.

Written by Deborah A. Edwards, DVM, ABVP (feline practice) – Veterinarian and Cat Lover