The All Cats Hospital team knows how stressful it is to leave your cat behind when you travel. Let us alleviate your stress by providing your cat with a safe and caring place to stay.

We have a variety of boarding options available from a 3 tiered vertical cage to a combination of up to 3 cages which allow separate living and lounging areas away from the litter box. Most cages have a frosted panel on the bottom of the door to allow shy cats privacy they desire. The top of the door is open-aired and aligns with perches which allow the more outgoing cats to watch the action outside the floor to ceiling windows.

Every morning during the week your cat is allowed to exercise in one of our exam rooms which also have floor to ceiling windows with entertaining views of fountains, flowers and birds. On weekends, a veterinary technician, skilled at recognizing health concerns, cares for your cat . We can medicate the most challenging cats and we cater to diabetic and older cats with special needs.

Adult maintenance canned and dry foods are provided. Any special or prescription diets must be supplied or can be purchased here.

Since we are primarily a veterinary hospital in addition to a boarding facility, we require your cat be current on Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. This helps prevent your cat from becoming ill while boarding and protects our staff.

On admission, your cat will receive a brief exam by one of our veterinary technicians and be inspected for fleas. If fleas are found, your cat will be administered a Capstar tablet which kills all fleas on your cat within hours.

Please call or stop by to see our wonderful facility and ask any questions you have about boarding your cat.

Call for more information about boarding your cat if it has diabetes, requires medication or has special needs.