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Without dental radiographs (x-rays), more than 50% of all dental problems in cats will go undiagnosed. For this reason, full mouth radiographs are recommended for all dental patients. The cost has been listed on your estimate and is included in the high-end total. Please select how you would like us to proceed:*


It is difficult to thoroughly examine all aspects of the oral cavity until the cat is anesthetized. Once under anesthesia, we evaluate each individual tooth and the entire oral cavity for any problems that may need attention. Many cats need some form of additional dental surgery such as extractions. We realize that you may not have planned for these additional services. In the event we discover teeth that need to be extracted, please select your preference:*


Pain control is imperative after dental extractions. You have an option of a long-acting opioid topical that lasts for 4 days that lasts for 3 days or an oral opioid medication. Your cat may also receive an anti- inflammatory injection. Please select your preference:
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